Modern protection and security services.

Experience, specialisation, high technology and human resources.

The four main axes on witch the trully broad spectrum of products and services we offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is based. Group 22 is a fully vertically integrated company with private facilities and constantly upgraded cutting edge technology systems, a private fleet of security vehicles and highly trained personnel. Our ten-year experience and hundreds of satisfied clients who daily trust the services of Group 22 are an important part of our record.

In more detail:

  • Guarding installations with stationary guards
  • Control of guarded installations through highly technological technical means
  • Guarding of artistic and non artistic events (Concerts, Rewards, Symposia etc.)
  • Area supervision, surveillance and guard (through cameras)
  • V.I.P. security and escort – Armored vehicles
  • Vehicle patrol
  • C.I.T. operations
  • Security counseling and crisis management

Full and in-depth understanding of each client’s different needs.

With this basic philosophy we invest in developing modern, specialized and personalized security solutions, with flexibility and emphasis on innovation. Each of our clients enjoys through our services the maximum capitalization of his investment. Group 22 is your close partner, always beside you reliably and responsibly.

Static Guarding

The corporate culture of Group 22 is based on specific, steady values.

Client-centric approach, modern infrastructure and operations, devotion and efficiency. Our dominant value however is our corporate integrity.

Integrity towards our clients as well as honesty and respect towards their opinions and suggestions is the foundation for a long-term partnership. Integrity towards the work environment and every employee, with stable working conditions and trust, continuous training and improvement that also creates long-lasting and stable work relations.  Each employee of our company shares those exact specific values.