Group 22 is a Greek Protection and Security Systems service provider founded in 2004.

Our main office and vertically integrated installations are in Athens, with branches in Greece and abroad.

It offers security services to a broad spectrum of civilians, enterprises, Industrial installations, the public sector and private institutions.

Its goal is the full coverage of its clients' needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our 11-year experience, security systems expertise, constant growth and continuous specialization are rewarded by the global institute TUV-ICB HELLAS A.E., through its Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008

Our great success rate is owed to:

  • Strict criteria in staffing selection
  • Use of excellent electronic signal system technology and equipment
  • Rapid service / emergency coverage
  • Safeguarding of confidentiality
  • Study and design of security services (prevention and suppression of any danger/threat)
  • Proper use of service and equipment provisions according with existing legislation

Our philosophy, a step ahead

Our philosophy is simple and should be simple. Our clients create both in the professional and personal or family level. Our goal is to protect and secure everything they create. Consistently and continuously. We are adamant: In matters of safety and protection there is no room for half measures.

Security, assurance, privacy are important human staples. Group 22 and all its employees are committed in ensuring them from every danger and threat. We constantly advance our methods and the technology at our disposal as our clients' needs evolve. It is our responsibility to always stay a step ahead of any threat. Nothing should disrupt the security and safety of our clients. That way they can go on creating.

Each contact with a new client, no matter how small or large, is the beginning of a long lasting relationship based on discretion, immediate daily cooperation and the continuous advancement of our services. We actively repay your trust in the long term, 24 hours a day.

It is for that reason that our modern 24-hour Signal Receiving Center insures the rapid response to emergencies (burglary, personal threat, fire etc.), informing both the owners of a guarded property as well as the corresponding Police Authorities if necessary.

Quality – Certifications

Guarantying what’s important to you.

Group 22, aiming to continuously offer a high level of security services, gives special gravity to matters of quality. Both in internal function as well as the service level offered to its clients, the company actively ensures it constantly improves and evolves.

Quality Management systems ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2001.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard ensuring the quality and quality management of enterprises. Group 22, functioning according with a specific policy and strict procedures, applies the Quality Management systems ISO 9001:2008, thus ensuring both its effectiveness in function as well as its reliability on  the expected quality of services offered to its clients.